Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Press Release - Jerry Dombowsky - “Grandpa sells Motels and Hotels”

Jerry Dombowsky was at a family gathering last summer when he started talking about his love of selling hotels and motels and working with buyers on their purchase of a property.

The grandchildren were within “ear shot” of this conversation when they began shouting “Grandpa sells hotels and motels”.

This struck a cord with Jerry.

In his 32 years of real estate experience in Alberta and British Columbia, Jerry Dombowsky has seen a lot of real estate transactions, specifically in the hotel and motel industry.

Jerry says, “The internet is an integral part of day to day communications. The diversity and transference of information brings the property to the property buyer in a timely informative manner.”

Jerry has a broad knowledge of hotel and motel markets in Alberta and British Columbia and has completed many hotel and motel sales and purchase transactions including small and large businesses, and commercial real estate. Having owned and operated ranches, hotels and motels, in the past, Jerry Dombowsky has a very good understanding of the effort needed to close the deal.

As of September 1st, 2008, through Jerry Dombowskys connections with Premier Canadian Properties and Christies Great Estates, the benefits of buying a hotel, motel or resort will be presented to a worldwide audience.

Jerry’s new website which is dedicated solely to the acquisition of hotels and motels in Alberta and British Columbia is located at http://www.premierhotelsandmotels.com/.

Now that “Grandpa sells hotels and motels”, the grandchildren are looking for extended stays with Grandpa.

For more information or an interview, contact Jerry Dombowsky at (250) 717-1886.