Monday, July 19, 2010

Okanagan Real Estate - Google it!

Market up? Market down?
Everyone has an opinion!

One day its doom and gloom:
The listing inventory is high
The number of sales is down
The interest rates are rising
There are too many people unemployed

The following day, "The recession is over"
The average home price is up
The interest rates are near all-time lows
The selection of properties is excellent
The number of building permits (jobs) is up

Who is right?

When in doubt, Google it!

Google analytics measures the number and origin of the unique visits to our website.

The 18 months prior to May 2010 showed the visits to be about half of the traditional numbers and the origin to be mostly local. The sales during that period were less than normal and almost all local buyers. The sales were modestly priced homes $400,000 to $550,000 and condos $200,000 to $350,000.

Google analytics mid May to mid June, 2010
Unique visits to
Local 60.8%
Vancouver 17.4%
Alberta 11.5%
Ontario 3.4%
Sask. 1.3%
Others 5.6%
This is a huge change which is no doubt driven by the weather, the economy, and demographics. the market changing?
Will luxury homes and condos start selling?
Will demand for lakeshore and golf properties return?

Google says, YES!

My last 10 sales look like this:
6 local buyers
2 Alberta buyers
1 Vancouver buyer
1 U.K. buyer
Viva La Google!

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