Friday, October 22, 2010

Re: Article in Kelowna Cap News by Jennifer Smith 10-20-2010

"Hard for students to find shelter"

Students thrust into high-end housing markets need someone to help them find shelter before hitting the books, a UBC Okanagan graduate says.

In conducting research for his masters degree in human geography, Jamie McEwan said he unearthed horror stories on the lengths some students need to so go find a place to live in Kelowna.

McEwan conducted 30 interviews in an exploratory case study of students aged 18 to 30 searching for rental housing in 2009 and was told by his interview subjects they knew of six to eight people sharing a one-bedroom apartment and even one person who pitched a tent off campus while attending UBCO.

"Students are coming here thinking that within two weeks to a month they will be able to find housing for year and it's simply not happening," McEwan said.

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More students than places to put them!
Premier Canadian Properties has a suggestion to address this challenge.
Here is our possible Win-Win solution.

Invest in these properties and become a landlord to students and destination golfers as well.

 2 bedroom, 2 bath units near UBC Okanagan
priced from $265,000 to $300,000
20% down, low mortgage rates and a high rental demand.
 Only 7 units left at this price.
Rent to students September to April, then short-term to golfers at nightly rates from May through to September. (Just save a week or two for your own use!)

Positive cash flow for years to come.

For a current list, email
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